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Lawn Care

Grow the most lush and green lawn on the block with these simple to use products

Green Up Lawn Food - a special formulation of the essential nutrients needed to encourage both greening and overall healthy lawn growth (including clover lawns). It contains Nitrogen for leaf growth and colour, Phosphorus for strong root growth and Potassium for strength and to aid in resistance to stress and fungus disease.

Weed Kill for Buffalo Lawns - Brunnings Buffalo Lawn Weed Kill is safe to use on Buffalo and Kikuyu lawns and kills Bindii, Clover, Oxalis and other broadleaf weeds in lawns.

Turf Top Dress - Specialised Lawn Top Dressing finely screened and fully fertilised to revitalise turf. Aids water retention and provides nutrition. Designed for established lawns. Spread 1cm deep over entire lawn and water in. containing beneficial microbes, plus activators, and a range of food sources for them, to encourage healthy, living turf.


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