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Plant Nursery

Horticultural updates throughout the year, by our Foley's team

1 September, 2022 | Compost. Mulch. Fertilise. REPEAT.

An in depth look at the essentials for Spring time

29 November, 2022 | Watering over Summer

A guide to watering the garden and pot plants over Summer

2 February, 2023 | Your Garden - The Tail End of Summer

An insight to pests, disease, pruning & fertilising

16 March, 2023 | Plant care & maintenance in your garden and indoors

Jobs to do in Autumn to prepare for winter | Your indoor or potted plants | Those big jobs you might have been putting off. 


2 May, 2023 | Mother's Day Edition

Mother's Day goodies | Winter & indoor plants | Maintaining colour in the garden 

15 June, 2023 | Winter is Here

Winter Pruning | Brighten up with yellow | Balcony Gardens in Winter

24 August, 2023 | Say Good-Bye To Winter

Gardening To Do List | Don't Forget the Bees | Selecting Potting Mix

13 October, 2023 | Spring Has Sprung

Gardening To Do List | Growing Hydrangeas | Gorgeous Gardenias

7 December, 2023

Growing Citrus | Growing Bougainvillea | Styling Indoor Plants

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