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Pest Control

When it comes to gardening both indoors and out, pests and disease can cause havoc with your beloved plants. Shop at Foley's for a complete range of insecticides and visit us in store to chat with a horticulturist.

Here are a few products we stock...


eco-oil is a registered organic miticide and insecticide. It controls a range of problem insects including scale, aphids, two-spotted mite, whitefly, mealybugs and citrus leafminer. Safe for use on veggies, as well as ornamentals, with no withholding period. Spray and eat on the same day! Also safe for beneficial insects like bees, ladybeetles and earthworms.


eco-fungicide is a registered organic fungicide for the control of powdery mildew, black spot and rust in many plants including tomatoes, zucchini, roses, grapevines and geraniums. It attacks existing fungal infections and rapidly kills external fungal growth. eco-fungicide also leaves an invisible protective coating that prevents new spores from germinating.


Controls insects such as thrips, ants, earwigs, aphids, cabbage moths and leafhoppers as it flushes insects out of hiding places.

Mavrik Gun

Controls aphids, caterpillars, thrips, mites and whitefly on roses and ornamentals and various caterpillars and aphids on a range of vegetables.

Systemic Bug Killer

Insecticide is absorbed through the root system to protect the plant from insect attack.

Offers a massive 6 Weeks protection from Aphids, Beetle and other insects.

Snail and Slug Killer

A safe snail and slug killer that's specially formulated for use by people who care about native birds, fauna and earthworms. Garden friendly and breaks down as nutrients for soils and plants.

White Oil

Brunnings White Oil controls a wide variety of insects including aphids, mealy bugs and spider mites as well as kills scale on citrus, shrubs, roses and ornamentals around your home and garden.

Lawn Grub & Beetle Kill

Brunnings Lawn Grub & Beetle Kill Granules are a highly effective, all-in-one product that controls lawn grubs and beetles in an easy fast acting granular application.


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