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Bagged Mulch

Mulching will reduce water evaporation by locking in the moisture, preventing plants from drying out and will assist in keeping your plant roots cool in summer and warm in winter. Mulching will also suppress weeds and seed germination which compete with plants, moisture & nutrients and of course make your garden look tidy.

At Foley's we have a range of bagged mulch products so come and chat with our friendly team to see what is best suited for you and your garden.

What we stock

Eucalyptus mulch 60L

Eucy Mulch, is an organic light tan coloured mulch. Long lasting, this fine 15mm minus mulch is easy to spread and perfect for native gardens and general landscaping.

$13 per bag or $24 for two

Forest Fines 60L

Forest Fines Mulch is a fine honey coloured chip which is easy to spread and looks great on any garden.

$13 per bag or $24 for two

Mini Nuggets 60L

Made from pine bark and an organic recycled decorative garden mulch in a 25mm chip. This round, nugget shaped mulch is a popular decorative choice for those that prefer a natural brown coloured mulch.

$13 per bag or $24

for two

Sugar Cane Mulch

$19 per bag


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