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Don’t forget the Bees!

Bees are an essential part of gardening so why don't we try to make their lives a little easier. Bees pollinate our fruit and vegetable plants so that we can have a bumper crop.

There are many little things that you can do to attract bees into your garden:

  • Add some beautiful flowering plants to your garden. Some better examples are Grevilleas, Bottle Brush, Salvia and Lavender. Westringia, Rosemary, Oregano or Basil are also some options for bees but a selection of different flower shapes and colours will also attract bees.

  • Use eco-friendly pest control products, such as eco-oil, eco neem and eco-bug organic. Check out our full range of pesticides here

  • Fertilise to advance flower production. Check out our full range of fertilisers here

  • Regular plant maintenance, such as pruning to advance new growth, removing spent (finished) flowers, keeping on top of pests and diseases so your plants grow super strong and healthy. Bring a little sunshine into your garden by pruning large overgrown plants.

We are positive you will BEE seeing some helpful little workers in no time if you follow some of these simple tips.


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