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Styling Indoor Plants

Styling your home with indoor plants is a beautiful way to bring the outdoors in, plus there are numerous benefits that plants can bring to your home. With the ability to produce extra oxygen through photosynthesis, help reduce stress, and even increase your productivity if you include them on your desk or in your home office.

The number one tip we will give you at Foley’s Nursery is don’t repot your indoor plants directly into an ornamental pot, always keep them in their original nursery pot. One main reason for this is that indoor plants are grown in their ideal potting mix and the nursery pots they are grown in have the best drainage for your plants.

To style your plants with our ornamental pots, you will simply place a saucer inside the ornamental pot and place the nursery pot into this. Not only is this the best way to care for your indoor plant, it also allows the plant to be moved into a different location if needed.

Another styling tip from our Foley’s team is creating clusters of pots. Create a vignette with small groups, specifically grouping in uneven numbers, which is most pleasing to the eye.


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