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Bagged Soil, Potting Mix & Compost

Premium Potting Mix 30L bag

Our premium potting mix is the ultimate growing mix for just about every plant in all conditions. It has been formulated by experts to contain the ideal combination of traditional organic ingredients. The rich, open blend creates a perfect growing environment for plants while maximising watering efficiency. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

$12 per bag or $22 for two

Cow & Compost 30L bag

Cow and Compost is highly versatile as you can apply it as a mulch or as a planting aid. Cow and Compost will assist in breaking up clay and heavy soils and can also help bind sandy soils. By adding composted organic matter into your garden beds you improve the soils ability to provide nutrition for healthy plant growth.

$9 per bag or $16 for two

Garden Soil 25L bag

Soil Mix is suitable for general landscaping and garden bed rejuvenation. Contains soil, coarse sand, composted sawdust, composted pinebark, spent coffee grounds and composted organics. We recommend using this product along with Cow & Compost to boost plant growth.

$8 per bag or $14 for two

Organic Potting Mix 25L bag

Organic Potting Mix is a blend of composted organic materials especially formulated to promote strong growth in most indoor/outdoor plants. This potting mix is suitable for a wide range of plants including succulents, exotics and natives.

$8 per bag or $14 for two

Native Potting Mix 30L bag

Native Mix is comprised of composted bark fines, composted potting bark, composted sawdust, coarse sand and base fertiliser. It can be used in containers or as a planting mix and is suitable for native plants including Bottlebrush, Grevillia's and Eucalypts. Some natives are highly sensitive to phosphorus, hence why regular potting mixes or animal products are not suited to these plants.

$11 per bag

Orchid & Bromeliad Potting Mix 25L bag

Orchids require an open, free draining potting mix and a specific orchid mix must be used when growing these plants. This mix provides the right medium for healthy root development and provides anchorage as the plant grows.

$10 per bag


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