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Spathiphyllum 'Sensation' is the largest of the spathiphyllums, with this one bearing large glossy dark green leaves that grow in a layered manner and are distinctly ribbed.

It is this lush foliage which makes it a great indoor plant, even when not in flower.

When it is in flower, it will produce large white spathes that contrast beautifully to the dark, lush foliage.

A beautiful low maintenance indoor plant. Whilst being low maintenance, this plant does like to be kept moist, so it's best to keep the pot in a saucer full of water to keep it thriving. For deep green leaves year round, keep liquid fed with PowerFeed, see more on fertiliser and garden care here.

In the garden, peace lilies are best suited to a shaded moist position, and they can tolerate some sun provided they do not dry out.

Pot sizes range from 200mm to 300mm

Prices start from $29

To enquire about stock availability please call Foley's Nursery on (02) 9997 8573 or email


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