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Selecting Potting Mix

Selecting the correct potting mix is one of the most important choices you will need to make.

Premium potting mix or standard?

Premium of course you might say and you would be correct. This is not to say that standard potting mixes are not worth buying. All potting mixes have a purpose.

Premium potting mixes have what you could say is a fool proof formula. They retain enough moister but also drain well. They usually contain clean organic matter and some fertilizer to kick start your plant. They have a balanced PH and have been through a rigorous testing procedure to obtain their red ticks. More on the ticks in a minute.

If you are planning on leaving your new or freshly re potted plant in the new pot for a long period of time then definitely use a premium potting mix. If on the other hand you are planting annuals or a seasonal plant then you could use a regular potting mix although to get the best out of any plant watering, feeding and disease control is very important.

You may have the need for a very specific potting mix like orchid mix, seed raising mix or cacti & succulent mix. They are specifically formulated for these individual plant needs and would be beneficial particularly if you are new to gardening.

What are the ‘ticks’?

"Black Tick” or Regular Potting Mixes need to conform to the basic standards: Air and water holding, nitrogen, pH, EC (salt), and other general minerals. “Red Tick” or Premium Potting Mixes need to meet similar standards plus the addition of fertiliser to last a minimum of 6 weeks.

Red ticks (what we call premium) indicate that the potting mix contains a balance of fertilizer and water retaining ability. It must also drain well and not contain any additive that would harm your plant.

Black ticks (regular potting mix) indicate they have past the regulatory tests, do not contain fertiliser and should be used for fast growing or short term plantings. You should add your own fertiliser for added success.

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