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Foley’s Hot Tips to Hydrangeas

If you’ve seen mass planting of hydrangea shrubs around you’ll be finding yourself envious of the beautiful display of large round flowers. Much loved for their ability to grow in a totally shaded position, hydrangeas are a staple addition to any garden design.  

Planting hydrangeas is best done in early Spring as this will give them enough time to establish in their new garden before the peak heat of summer.

For the best growth, hydrangeas like a rich soil with plenty of organic matter, so be sure to add in cow and compost when planting as this will add the trace elements needed for healthy growth and will improve your soil structure to ensure good drainage yet will also hold the right amount of moisture. As always, don’t forget to finish your new hydrangea garden by mulching. 

You may have read a lot about changing colours of hydrangeas from blue to pink and visa versa. While this is a neat trick in gardening there is something quite elegant about a simple white hydrangea in your garden design. When selecting a white hydrangea you can rest assured that no matter the pH of your soil, white hydrangeas will always stay white.  

Remember - water daily until established!


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