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The Fiddle Leaf Fig has large glossy leaves and is best used indoors, requiring little maintenance. These Ficus prefer a warm well lit room with good air flow. The fiddle leaf fig can take some direct sun if placed in a East facing window with morning sun.

A well draining potting mix is best and for consistent green foliage year round apply a slow release fertiliser every 3 months. For more on fertilisers read here.

Watch our for dropping leaves on your Fiddle Leaf as this is likely caused from overwatering. Dust leaves regularly with a soft damp cloth to avoid dust building up on the leaves.

Keep the soil dry to moist, but don't let the plant sit in water for longer than the day when you water it. These plants prefer to almost dry out between watering.

Pot sizes range from 175mm to 400mm

Prices start from $19

To enquire about stock availability please call Foley's Nursery on (02) 9997 8573 or email


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