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Peperomia’s are a wonderful shade plant with thick fleshy leaves, which hold moisture and are a contributing factor to their hardiness (much like a succulent). There are many varieties with different leaves sizes, colours and textures. They are low maintenance, slow-growing and well suited to low light indoor pots and shaded to semi shaded gardens, particularily drier sections of the garden with well draining soil. Peperomias are not frost tolerant, prefer a warm section of the home or garden and must be protected from direct sunlight.

Peperomias are also considered non-toxic to pets, making them a great addition to indoor potted arrangements, small window sill planters or coffee table pots.

Best kept in an small pot or medium pot and co-planted with other shade loving plants in with well draining potting mix. Peperomia’s like to be kept on the drier side, allow the soil to almost dry before watering.

Apply a liquid fertiliser over the growing season, such as PowerFeed. Read more on garden fertilisers here.

Pot sizes range from 100mm to 200mm

Prices start from $9

To enquire about stock availability please call Foley's Nursery on (02) 9997 8573 or email


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