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Compost. Mulch. Fertilise. REPEAT.

So why do we compost?

There is nothing quite like making your own compost out of household scraps. Unfortunately, not everyone can be a compost queen, luckily Foley's is here to help!

Our expert Horticulturists will recommend planting your new garden beds with the addition of Cow and Compost, a rich blend of Greenlife compost and about 10% of premium cow manure. This product is beautifully rich and highly versatile making it perfect to apply as a mulch or as a planting aid mixed into the soil of your new garden bed. Adding composted organic matter into your garden beds will improve the soils ability to provide nutrition for healthy plant growth.

But hold it right there! Composting is not just for new garden beds. In existing garden beds soil can become compacted over time with soil compaction impeding root growth, decreasing the ability of plants to take up nutrients and water. By adding Cow and Compost as a soil conditioner you will promote the healthy uptake of nutrients from any added fertiliser.

Before adding Cow and Compost to your garden, pop in and chat with one of our friendly Horticulturalists to check that it will be suited to your plant selection.

What's the deal about mulching?

Mulching will reduce water evaporation by locking in the moisture, preventing plants from drying out and will assist in keeping your plant roots cool in summer and warm in winter. Mulching will of course make your garden look tidy and will also suppress weeds and seed germination which compete with plants for moisture & nutrients.

At Foley's we have a range of bagged mulch products so come and chat with our friendly team to see what is best suited for you and your garden.

How do I fertilise?

With so many different fertilisers out there it can be difficult to know what is best for your garden. On any fertiliser you will find the letters N, P and K which stand for nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Nitrogen is important for leafy growth for plants. Potassium is important for fruit and flower production, it energises plants. Phosphorus is important for strong root growth and also makes plants physically sturdy.

At Foley's Nursery we have a range of fertilisers from pelletised manures, slow release and liquid.

An advantage of using a liquid fertiliser such as PowerFeed is that it can be applied directly to the plants in the soil. This gives an instant effect and it's possible to see results within a week. PowerFeed is made with a unique formula that combines the benefits of macro nutrients, fish and natural soil conditioners.

When adding a dry fertiliser, add it directly to the soil. Rake away the mulch first, and rake it into the soil. At Foley's our Super Booster fertiliser is a naturally composted poultry manure, full of live beneficial microbes and rich in plant available nutrients. Suitable for the entire garden, for better blooms, lush lawn and bountiful fruit and vegetables. Safe enough to use on natives, shrubs and palms with no fear of burning.

Slow release fertilisers are great for pots, plant and garden beds. These products provide plants an instant feed plus continuous feeding for up to 4 months. It also helps pot plants flourish throughout their growth cycle by releasing vital nutrients when they need them most. At Foley's we have a few different sizes to suit your garden needs.

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25 oct 2022

Thanks for this article. Simply explained. Encourages me to keep going. We recently planted vegetables into 50mm of compost .. no dig required. After 2 months, we have vigorous growth and have started harvesting. Area is about 25 SqM.

Me gusta
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