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Growing Turmeric

A perennial plant within the ginger family with long strappy, tropical leaves growing to 1 meter. The attractive, creamy white flowers extend upwards on floral spikes, up to 20cm long.

Turmeric is an attractive tropical plant and a wonderful additional to any part of the garden that receives part sun to shade. In most parts of Sydney the plant will die down in winter and return the following Spring.

Traditionally it is grown for the rhizomes, which produce the powdered turmeric spice. Home gardeners can propagate turmeric by dividing clumps and replanting rhizomes as needed. This can be done in spring or if you are buying a potted plant from Foley's Nursery, Autumn is a great time to divide a pot for harvest and repotting or planting into the garden.

Pot sizes range from 140mm to 200mm

Prices start from $19

To enquire about stock availability please call Foley's Nursery on (02) 9997 8573 or email


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